Abyssal Bliss Items - Make a deal. Price ain`t set in stone as always

I am adding here all the time, I did alot of this crafing in the beginning, and i felt i needed to value them and get rid of them. Give an offer and if i got a good day i might let some stuff slide,
Im not here to get every isk out. im here to clear out my stuff for a bigger funding.
So please dont be afraid to offer abit lower, just dont go to crazy.

(Also if you want lesser items with specific stats, i probably have it, and i can sell those very low)
I also have Abyssals for Buffer tanking/Less cpu and PG costs/ cheap 1 function only items/.
(If i dont have something then i probably roll stuff untill i get what you need in specifics)

Its better to replace your techII with lesser abyssals. those modules i sell for 20-50 mil, and overall it will buff your tII fit with 10-20% so pm me ingame for a few cheap things to improve your gameplay.

5b%201 450m5b%202 420m2bil%20repper%20Sick 2,0bil
50%25%20on%20all 350m
!3bil 3.2bil
2bil 1.2bil800m%201 750m700m%201 650m800m%201 750mPretty%20good%20%20225 600m
1%20bil SOld600m 500m
1b 800m310m 200m350m 250m500m%203 400mil
901%20mil 790mil1bil 750mil
825m 7SOld
655m 555m430m 420mil
3%20bil sold515m 500mil
835m 590mil Quickest/cheapest activation
959mil SOld
1bil 1.8bil
3bil 3.9bil SOld
999mil Sold34 890m35b 740m951m 880m

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Ill add new all the time. Bump

Abyssal heat sink (840m) 825m contract it if accepted

Np asap when im back

sent ty for trade.

Found more items. the more or faster i sell the cheaper i can go. have alot more to get rid of.

new stuff. get them today

Other heatsink of 1.4 for 1.2b contract if accepted

Ofc, I contract within an hour
Ty again for a good trade…

Thnx oroc

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Another day, another life

Bump- Make an offer

still got alot left

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