WTB "bricked" abyssal modules

I’m buying abyssal modules that have been “bricked” by the use of mutaplasmids (all or most important stats went negative, so the resulting module is worse than the source module).
I’m interested in “bricks” that have been made from faction or deadspace modules, no T2. I will assign a price individually to each module i am offered (the price will be 10%-45% (depending on how badly “bricked” it is) of the market price of the source module, and the price of mutaplasmid used is not factored in), if you like my price offer - you pack the modules i selected in a contract and we have a deal, if you don’t like my price - you either propose yours or just don’t sell that particular module at all.
My maximum price per module is 20 mil. Though i might pay more if the module isn’t completely worse than original, but it doesn’t suit your needs, and you want to get rid of it.
I mostly need webifiers, medium/large armor reps and medium/heavy nosferatu. But i am open to offers of other mods as well.


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