CCPlz: Take a Page from the POE.Trade Website, RE: Abyssal Items/Future RNG Items

So today I was browsing Abyssal items on Contracts, and was pleased to see that you have the ability to see the stats on Abyssal items at a glance, however, there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter these items based on stats. Maybe you want an abyssal module with much better PW usage, but you have plenty of CPU so you don’t care about that stat, or maybe you have plenty of fit space available but you really want the range or some other stat. The point being that each use case for Abyssal items is different, and we need a way to quickly find the exact item we need for the task at hand.

Path of Exile has a third party website: (they have an in-house version as well) that handles this well. It allows users to query for items based on their requirements and returns results along with the ability to contact the player holding the item.

In EVE’s case, I think a second tab on the contracts page would fill this role. I keep calling it the “Flea Market” in my head, but there would have to be a better sci-fi name for it. Maybe the “Souq” or “Bazzar” or something. Anyway…

It basically needs the following functionality:

-Place items for sale (like the market does now). Set price, auction, buyout, etc.
-Query forms/drop downs (start typing to select from available options):
–Item type
–Price (max/min)
–PWG (max/min)
–CPU (max/min)
–Range (max/min)
–Falloff (max/min)
etc, etc.

Players can add as many requirements as they want to the query to filter down results. For example, you want a Warp Disruptor with minimum 24 Km range, max 20 GJ activation cost, max 40 CPU, and you’re willing to pay up to 100M for it. The query returns a few results, you pick the one you like, you buy it/bid on it from that screen.

-1 Anything that makes these items easier to get or sell is a bad thing for EVE.


So building a more functional interface is bad for EVE because you don’t like RNG based modules?

RNG modules, that increase the power of regular modules, effecting PvP balance, that can only be gotten via PVE in an instance hacked onto a sandbox PvP game, you bet.

It’s the worse thing ever added to EVE.

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I disagree. We have not seen any dramatic shifts due to Abyssal modules. They are expensive, and they have drawbacks to go with their bonuses. Also, your argument about RNG providing the modules likewise applies to every module above Meta 1 (even T2 as invention and even the original BPO lottery was RNG based). Personally, I would like to see ships with abyssal modifiers, that would be awesome. Abyssal modules are not the worst thing ever added to EVE, for that you’d need to either look to nullified interceptors or the cloaking device.

That being said, this is about a UI improvement, not about whether Abyssal modules are good or bad for the game. The reality is EVE has them, so with them UI improvements are necessary to compensate for them.

@Black_Pedro Thank you for the link, that’s exactly the type of thing I’m talking about. Having it in game would be better though.

They are new, they will get cheaper, and it is RNG, you roll until you get what you want then on to the next item.

It’ll take a year to get into PvP and then pure PvPers will be at a disadvantage in a PvP game.

It’s an abomination.

I don’t disagree that it’s RNG, of course it is, but so are all the other non-Meta 1 modules in the game. You rat until you get them or you invent until you get them.

I’m assuming by “pure pvp-er” you mean a person who does not rat? Well, you can get them from the market like everybody else who isn’t rolling the modules. And once you apply a mutaplasmid, you can’t go back to the original, so if you brick a Chelm web, it’s bricked.

Did you mistake me for not liking the RNG? I don’t care at all about RNG. All that means is it takes a few more to accomplish the same end result.

So I’m not sure exactly what the issue is then.

There is none. He just replies nonsense so he can feel better than other people. You can safely ignore his posts, they don’t bring anything to the posts he participates in.

As people above wrote, his issues with abyssal modules can almost be applied to very modules, but the “instanciated” part, so he just want to repeat that abyssal are bad ad nauseum, without any argument and especially when it’s out of the topic.

On the opposite.
Having it in game means CCP needs more work.
They give players the ability to have it out of game, and make it evolve according to their needs.

What in the world is RNG on a fixed attribute module? All modules in EVE have fixed attributes, the enchanted ones do not.

Is this too difficult for you?

While I would normally agree I think the abyssal market needs some love. It’s very annoying atm to even see what your options are. This is deterring people from making the items or looking for them on contracts.



Poor Guy…

You know EVE is both PvP and PvE right? Like the PvP part is completely dependent on PvE above fights in newbie ships with civilian weapons?

You have drank the Kool-Aid too long little buddy. EVE isn’t just for Mouth Breathing Baby Eaters.

Better UI is always a sore spot for EVE, and any ideas are always welcome.

Ewww don’t eat the mouth breathing babies they may be sick.

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