Abyssal Item Valuation Tool

Hello Space Nerds,

TLDR: The in game contract market sucks for determining Abyssal items prices. As a result, prices are all over the place. Without 3rd party tools players have ■■■■ information to work with and I have made a tool to make valuation easier.

@Sharad_Heft has made an amazing tool that lists items with their attributes and prices here: https://mutaplasmid.space/

It turns out that running regressions does not work for this data set. Data visualization provides additional insight into the pricing of Abyssal items. The best solution that I currently have compresses a couple dimensions (attributes like damage+ROF) and visually represents these compressed dimensions as a function of price within a scatter plot. I have prepared custom graphs for most Abyssal items. For items I have not graphed, I found that there was no good combination and I was treading into Tim-bits per beaver territory with meaningless units. Page 1 has a single dimension analysis table for all Abyssal items.

Regression tables capturing all dimensions visually suck. The world is a better place with MOARR graph porn.

Link to tool:

I am curious to know what you all think. Enjoy!

Notes in no particular order:

  1. Very much in development. Changes take about an hour to show up after I hit publish.
  2. Data updates are done manually so do not expect “active” orders to be perfectly representative of in game conditions. Active contracts are live in game contracts. Everything else has either expired or were executed.
  3. Holding CTRL will allow multiple selections. Clicking a single active toggle to deselect it is treated as select all if no selection is made.
  4. High five to the team responsive for the EVE Swagger Interface! I have been having a blast playing around with EVE data.
  5. Best ways to contact me in game will be through the channel “MOARR Pubs”, EVE Mail, or the SCC-Lounge Discord.
  6. You do not need any Microsoft licenses to view the link, it is all done through your browser. A mobile layout may come later.

This is because Abyss was tacked onto EVE like a bumper sticker on a tire and should be removed.


Abysmal space should be removed from the game.

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I have used EVE projects twice now as professional development projects that have helped my career. This time is no different :smiley:

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