Abyssal Module Buy and Sell Homogeniety

As Abyssal modules become more widespread, it is a tedious chore to figure out which Abyssal is better than the other and what non-abyssal module is it closest to in properties so that they may be priced more intelligently.
Would it be possible to either:
A. Drag and drop abyssal modules into the “Compare” table so they may be easier to analyze?
B. Have the “estimated Price” feature just like non-abyssal parts? Yes, I realize that’s a rather complex algorithm to assign value to each property, but it really can be done if treated as a linear optimization problem at the get go. The initial numbers will likely have large variances, but as this feature takes hold, prices will become more homogenous through usage by players, creating enough sales and purchase data to make attribute values as an adaptive changing variable to determine sales price?

I think A. may be easier and more practical, but B. would definitely revolutionize Abyssal module purchase and sale (and likely be more fun implementing for a nerd like me)!

  • Vlad

You trust the ingame price estimates? You truly are a nerd if you trust in something so wildly inaccurate and misleading.

There’s simply no estimating the value of Abyss modules. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One player may think an Abyss shield extender is epically rare because of the high number of HP, while another player thinks it’s trash because that same module has an insanely high CPU cost…

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