Abyssal mods and the market system

currently, this is a mess.
its nigh impossible to navigate the current supply without using external tools, such as https://mutaplasmid.space

from a marketing perspective, this is not really a massive issue. in the end, we can update our orders and work it that way. but from a game point of view, its a shame that its so hard for players to actually enjoy the abyssal mods that have entered the game since its so hard to actually find what you’re looking for in the current system.

Solution: implement something like the bandwidth system for abyssal modules, either on the market window or in the contract system. make it so that people can adjust their sliders ingame for what they are looking for, seeing in one glance if the mod has the correct fitting stats and then what the best price is for their needs.

this would greatly cut down on the need for external tools, since right now the only way to fit your ship reliably is through a combination of muta.space, pyfa and a whole lot of ingame channels just to know what is out there.

my 2cts.

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