Abyssal mods need a more informative icon


Are there plans to help better display abyssal mods stats at a glance?

Even if the mod icon glows a brighter green or red depending on the roll so i know to hover over it or not would be a start.

I would be way more interested in trying create them if it didn’t feel like whack a mole after making a batch :slight_smile:

Which roll? What if an Abyssal Module has good and bad rolls?

The only thing I like about it is being able to put my name on a big pile of stuff

Not saying i have the answer, but if they all red then it could be a red icon ?

So they glow green if ALL of the rolls are positive and they glow red if ALL of the rolls are negative?

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I know the green is harder because 3 could be slightly red and 1 could be hugely green and that would be fine for what you need.

what if you could order item hanger off roll options, it could put them best to worst on a single stat you were looking for.

I don’t see how useful this will be given that rolls for multiple attributes can be all over the place. :thinking:

what if it becomes a green icon if it meets a minimum score threshold, each stat added up?

Who determines this threshold?

you :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten enough from this.

-1, terrible idea with no real purpose or implementation solution.

dam i knew i should of used a wink smiley

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I see it simple: each icon has four edges. And four corners. We already saw icons with additional blue mark on its left top corner, like event cerebral accelerators, for example.

Why not add red/yellow/blue/green marks to icon’s corners, indicating what aspect was buffed (green), lightly buffed(blue), lightly spoiled (yellow) and heavily spoiled (red).

Since left top corner is used to mark T2/officer/whatever item, we probably should use edges instead of corners. So you can tell from the first look, that the origianal item was T2 module and it was buffed in all aspects except CPU fitting, for example…

Is Show Info broken?

Best I could do.


now that would be great, hope ccp will see that.

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