Mutated module markings

There needs to be some kind of icon or overlay noting that a module has been RNG mutated. This is not only for purposes of indexing and storage so you can find them easier, but it is a must for scanning a ship to see if they have mutated modules installed or in the cargo. Normally a ganker wouldn’t bother with a ship that just has Meta 4 or T2 modules installed, but if it shows that they have been mutated, the value of those normally inexpensive modules could potentially be worth much, much more.

You ganks the ship you takes your chances. Loot fairy says RNG sucker…

Just as they take their chances mutating the module in the first place, just as they take a chance fitting that module…

Mutated modules appear as an entirely different module. Don’t know if the stats of the module will be shown

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Good deal. That will work.

Baited on a bricked muta module… Oh the salt is gonna be awesome,



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Its going to be named with “Abyssal” in its name so you’ll know :stuck_out_tongue:

Ships with mutated mods should grow wiggly tentacles and big googly eyes.

And nodules. Random nodules.


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