Into the Abyss: Mutaplasmids

Just thought I’d share with you all the results of my mutaplasmid roll on an X-Large shield booster 2:

Here’s the screen where you drop the item in to see the roll chances:

Aaaaannnnd here’s what I ended up with:

Kind of a cool feature, but feels a little gimmicky to me. I guess we’ll see what the market dictates the value of this kind of thing is… ;D


You won’t be able to sell them on the market. Contracts only. Having said that, the value of any mutated module is up to the person looking to buy one. Stats that are desirable for one player may be trash to another…

I’m aware you can only put them in contract. “Market” means more than the market place :man_facepalming:


“Market” is the name of the, well market in game. Maybe using another term would have prevented that misunderstanding.
Anyhow, what is this thread about? Frankly, I don’t see any points to discuss. ;D

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