WTS Abyss Event Ancillary Mutaplasmids

I am looking to sell Mutaplasmids from the event for 10% below Jita sell price (located in Jita). I have 5 types of Mutaplasmids from the event for m/l/xl Ancillary Shield booster (57/93/20 left) and m/l Ancillary Armor booster (48/42 left). These items were only available from the event and the price is only going to go up in the future. If you feel extra lucky I also have the repositories (67 left) that give a random event mutaplasmid, 4/6 are more valuable than the container so odds are pretty good to get your money worth

How much for the XL versions?

If these are in Jita, contract 2 to me please, and i will accept it after work today.

If not, let me know where pick up will be and we can negotiate

Thank you

Actually, make that 3 please, if you can

Ok contract set up, down to just medium and large on armor now , 48 and 42 respectively and for shields I have 57 xl, 93 large and and 19 medium left. Price will probably keep increasing each day till they are gone as they are limited items.

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