(kudak'etan) #1


(niquid Aideron) #2

Can you bring them to the siseide/amamake keepstar if so will pay 12.1b

(kudak'etan) #3

I could get it to the high sec just before the low sec if that’s acceptable, that would be Osoggur

(niquid Aideron) #4

Found a good deal on a different mod will buy this if the other doesn’t work out. Free bump!

(kudak'etan) #5

ok thanks for letting me know, could maybe wiggle a little more if the good deal is not far from mine. Thx

(niquid Aideron) #6

Sorry already bought it. If I ever need another I will look here.

(kudak'etan) #7

price reduced to 11 bils from 12 bils as really need the sale. Thx!

(Dread Saboteur) #8

Cap recharger mutaplasmids incoming

(Opus's Slave) #9

8b offer

(kudak'etan) #10

Sorry 11 bils as low as I am willing to go and if indeed true these are going to be rarer as the high rollers will buy them out pretty quickly to roll them into super god rolls or brick them to death.

Thanks for responding though!

(kudak'etan) #11

you know you want it :slight_smile: might even be tempted by 10.5 bils if offer came in tonight :slight_smile:

(Opus's Slave) #12

8,5b offer

(kudak'etan) #13

one time offer of 10bils to you and that will be the very best I can do!

(Opus's Slave) #14

8,55bn final offer

(kudak'etan) #15

sorry however the answer has to be no, thx!

(kudak'etan) #16

price reduced on listing, edited jita sell prices

(kudak'etan) #17

still for sale :slight_smile:

(kudak'etan) #18

still for sale

(Kathy Stewart) #19

9b for it