WTS adrestia 400 billion ! lowered price from 450

400 bil… in a low sec system not far from jita… hull only

please drop me a eve mail if you accept … i will NOT be lowering the price so dont waste your time

200b :slight_smile:


sell it to mysti because he will actually use it and not just flip it :slight_smile:


virtuoso and 200b

Virtuoso and 201b :slight_smile:

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Dexter’s virt plus 202b

Ill just offer Dexter and a symbolic 1 isk. Ill wrap him up nicely and will take care of the shipping cost.

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bump still for sale guys

300bil. Contact me in game to discuss further.

bump new price

350 bil and I promise I’ll use it…

still for sale guys


that is actually cheap GG I wish I had the isk maybe soon :smiley:

Hypernet it

nope its a way to loose isk… look at what happened to the state issue raven… terrible system

How about a curse bpo and 350 bil

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no 400 bil… already knocked a sh+t load off the price

mailed you in game !