Price Check 13+ mil PvP base

(I P Warucantseme) #1

Price check.

I’m interested in unloading this pilot if the price is right.

feel free to take a look and let me know if you are interested.

(Mister Wrath) #2

8b )))))))))

(I P Warucantseme) #3

I’d really like to get closer to the 13 mark. I’ll leave it open for now, I’ll also set a B/O of 13bil

If I get some solid offer, I’ll end and sell.

Plus who doesn’t want that name yelled on comms?


(I P Warucantseme) #4


(Asea Arannion) #5

You can extract all the SP for 9B, so you’re obviously being trolled by the 8B price check. A very weak rule of thumb is 1 B per 1 M sp. For a more accurate estimate, you could do some math…

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #6

I would probably set a price at 11 bil, just because you don’t have very much skills in what I would need as far as missiles, go… Where as someone who is more turret related, would probably be closer at the 12-13 bil mark.

But at the same time, you only have caldari ships really skilled up as far as cruisers. So some may want to go lower since they’d most likely have to extract skills if they dont want caldari cruisers…

(I P Warucantseme) #7

I would go 11bil if you’re interested. Honestly, its an old farm pilot from before skill trading was a thing. Was planned to go Tengu, hence the reason for the Caldari Cruiser training. At this point, I’d be happy to get rid of him and send him off to a good home.

(I P Warucantseme) #8

bumping along