Close thread

Kinakka or aunenen keepstar.

16.5b only


mail me offers

15 bil

I’ll go down to 16.5b if you can do it today

I can do 15 now

Not doing less than 16.5

new price


As I said . I can do 15. Thank you !

Not going to go down to those, bit we’re getting closer

15, iSK ready now .

You can post that offer as many times as you want, doesn’t mean I’m taking it

buy this, best deal on the forums


getting closer, almost there

what about 15? Last offer !!

15.7b last offer

once these last offers hit 16.5b they get it!

16 billion is pretty bargain basement for this stuff, 16.5 for right now is about right. Don’t go down to 15 billion Op, that guy’s taking you for a ride.