Dropping of "damaged" mods from NPCs

Basically mods that are already damaged (new flag? new meta number?) and that can’t be reprocessed, sold or “repaired for selling”, and when installed in a ship could:

  • void it’s warranty (if it has any on the hull already)
  • have similar mechanics to rigs - as in, they cant be removed without being totally destroyed - but otherwise work
  • always get “destroyed” permanently when the hull explodes the next time.

I was thinking if this existed that more players - especially newer ones - would try out more fits, get exploded more often and learn quicker what works and what does not. Also probably make more players take more risks since they have more “don’t care” hulls to play with.

Since they cant be sold or reprocessed, it wont be an isk farm mechanic, and with (balanced) fitting drawbacks they also should not impact the current sales of meta modules on the market, I mean, they could always be the lowest meta type anyway, as to to cause least impact, or simply have (damaged) stats that line up with the lowest meta type.

NPC ships could still drop the same amount of “standard” modules, but also a mix of “damaged” ones, More salvaging work would take place, hence more time spent in space.

I’d like to think this kind of idea would encourage more player experimentation, and also allow the current hisec missions to have/teach more dangerous mechanics (scrams) and encounters (random extra spawns that take people off guard), if it also allows the players to more easily refit and make less use of the contrived “insurance” mechanics.


I was thinking that too but still every noob comes here and wants a fit for free on top of the free game that they do not pay for.

Unlike most games, nothing in EVE is ever “free”.

EVE is a major time investment if you actually want to play it and not just “dabble” in it. This is basically one of the few games out there where you can move your progress “backwards” for every mistake you made.

These individuals you say are “getting free stuff” are also losing it, and when they do, the “free time away from work” they just spent getting it is basically null and voided, and unless that “loss” was ALSO entertaining, they will just go and get their endorphin fix somewhere else.

As long as a mechanic creates a richer target-rich environment for everyone, I don’t see it as a bad thing, as long as the economy does not suffer.

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