Deep Space Damage Control Module

Basically this is an idea for a new type of damage control variant (or alternatively, the feature could be modified and incorporated into existing damage control modules). Deep Space Damage Control modules would maintain the passive resistance increases of damage controls, but would have an activation effect that immobilizes the player’s ship for 60 seconds (similarly to siege/industrial cores) and begins an emergency repair sequence, restoring 1% hull and 5% armor points per 60 second cycle (or a flat amount if % restoration is too strong). If it’s still too strong, you could also potentially add a “polarized effect” to the ship while cycling, setting all resistances to 0 while active, making you an extremely vulnerable target while performing emergency repairs.

This offers an alternative to the annoyance of carrying around hull/armor rep mods with a mobile depot when going into distant areas that have no easy/safe access to docking/tethering. It also makes a certain amount of sense to be able to slowly perform maintenance on a ship in the depths of space, even without combat-oriented repair modules.

I know this won’t be a popular idea among those who are constantly around stations/structures and only want fast-paced combat-oriented changes, but I feel like it would be an appreciated addition for those of us who like to wander off to completely empty/dangerous areas of space with little/no local services available for extended periods of time.

Let me know what you think.

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The simpler the module is the better imo.

The idea of a dual rep has come up before and i dont think its a bad one. The less intelligent among us will spill their coffee upon reading that, not realizing the dual repper can be tuned to rep less than the standalone reppers and still be useful in some cases. Have a nice day.

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Exactly, the repair amount should come out to be far less than using a refit repair module, but the convenience factor is not NEEDING to bring along such modules/mobile depots to repair yourself. I just like the immersion of a ship being able to maintain itself in deep space when given enough time. Like a Star Trek episode where they float in space for a few days after a big battle to repair the catastrophic damage that the ship took. You could also compare it to the use of “food” in a fantasy MMO to restore HP after/between combat versus the use of healing spells to quickly restore HP during combat.

no need for such thing … if youre shield fittet then you just need to fil up your shields ! armor and structure are irrelevant to you … if youre shield is gone your ship is gone in 90% of all cases !

armor fittet ships dont care because they have already an armor repair module fittegt or they have logistic ! if they drop into structure they are mostly gone …

structure fittet ships are suizide ships ! lot of buffer, lot of close range dps ! you are normaly dont fly this that long because youre a brawler and everything can hold you at the point !

whats the usecase of this ? why should CCP implement this ? where is the big improvement ?
and no, only that you dont need to fit a structure rep to fil up your structure isnt a reason !

And in that 10% of cases that you survive even after your shields dropped as a shield tank build, and you’re stuck in hostile space or away from a tether/docking point, it sure would be nice to be able to fix yourself back up.

Any ship that fits a damage control still has some chance to survive in structure, no matter what tank type they build around. This would just be a little extra bonus to using a damage control in such situations in the unlikely event that you do survive.

It’s not exactly a major change, as the amount of repair per sec is extremely low and would have no impact on actual battles, but would serve to extend operation ability after being critically damaged but surviving a fight. The application for use in wormhole space specifically is really great in the event that you don’t have a pos/station setup in the wormhole or become stranded. It could also serve as a brief armor/structure recovery method while salvaging wrecks or doing other tasks between fights.

It would also give battleships a method of repairing themselves above 25% structure so that they can safely eject into their remote rep frigate without their battleship exploding from the sudden loss of skill-modified structure hitpoints.

It’s not meant to be a major game-changing feature, but would be a nice quality of life feature that could be easily tacked on to damage control modules with very little effort of CCP’s part.

your in a shield tanked ship xD you dont have to care about your armor and hull HP because they are not part of your actual tank ! if your shield is gone → youre gone …

a damage controle is mostly only used because it paper pushed your EHP and creates more resistance for your actual tank mostly without any diminishing returns ! but tis does not change the fact that your shield tanked ship is gone if youre shield is gone …

no its not even a QoL change ! its develope time that CCP could spend on some important things ! and not realy much ppl would use this because the most ppl know that only the tank your choose are realy matters !