Mobile Repair Depot

No thether, no invulnerabity, moderately easy to probe down, no stupid reps, un-unanchorable so will have to leave, smallish so can carry multiple maybe and limited life before going poof, no refiting capabilities, cheap to make, unanchorable on grid with any celestrial object (safe only)…just on the move reping capabilities while roaming.

There’s already such a thing. It’s called a mobile depot. Carry one with you along with a shield booster module, armor rep module, and hull rep module. Warp to your safe, refit, and repair yourself…

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Ever tried to rep hull with hull repers, i can tell you have not

Yes, I know they are slow compared to shield and armor reps…

A bit :slight_smile: and for repairing burnt out modules. Might have to raise the price a bit for that perk though, thats op

almost like its meant to hurt to take hull damage far from friendly space

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Fit several at once. I doubt you’re using the slots and cap for much else at the time.

Nanite paste.

Burnt out and nanite for more on the fly

So carry what 10 extra mods and and mobile depot, if only there was a equiv all in one depot right?

If you are not taking hull damage in a hull tank ship, you aint trying hard enough

don’t roam in hostile space with a hull tanked ship. right tool for the job and all that

Silly me. I didnt realise you were trying to run an entire armada out of one ship.

Just how effective do you think repairing should be behind enemy lines?

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I think if you are not engaged in combat, easierlly found, hell even make it appear on overview warpable.

The objective here is to continue ‘content’ when for example your shield extender got burnt out in an epic fight which you perfectly managed your active mods overload and you won or escaped and are evasive/unpursued enough to reset and continue ‘content’ and not have to travel 40 jumps for rep.

Does that sound too bad?

Well thats just tankist

Gangs that quickly and perfectly repair between fights is going to feel like a slap in the face for the people who’s space the gang is tearing up.

Think of the situation where defenders are flying cheaper more disposable ships (like fw). After losing one fight, they re-ship nearby and head back out in a matter of minutes to keep up the pressure only to find the enemy gang at full strength again, and again, and again.

It’s not gonna be worth it for them.

Don’t see why you cant carry a couple hull reps and a mobile depot. Unfit your hull tank mods to make repairs faster. No it’s not a simple task and makes you vulnerable, but then complete repairs behind enemy lines shouldn’t be quick and simple.

Hull tanking was given a boost. But i don’t think it’s intended to be a normal way to tank, or on par with armour and shields.

No. For all the reasons mentioned and then some.

So carrying all the reps, spare mods and a mobile depot okay yet a single mod that does that is not.

Really only useful to people that pew, can understand why you see no benefit

Perhaps you forgot something. How is this useful to anyone who doesn’t take damage?