Warmog's Armor for EVE Online

tl;dr: A module that restores your HP very fast if you haven’t taken damage in 60s

Those of you who have read the title and play MOBAs may already know where I’m going with this.

The idea is to have repair/boost modules which only work if you haven’t taken
damage in the past X seconds (for EVE a value like 60 seconds might be reasonable).
But when you can turn them on they will repair repair a fixed % of HP / second, instead of a fixed HP value, and allow you to be back to full shield/armor/hull extremely fast.

So they’d be essentially a wasted slot during an actual engagement, but in return giving you the capability to go back to full HP very fast on an otherwise passively tanked ship between engagements.

I believe such a module would have the potential to add some interesting dynamics to macro play, especially in areas where you can’t dock up and repair (roaming in enemy null / WH-space).

In fleets keeping some DPS on a ship now may become important, even if everyone else is switching targets.

It might also make smartbombing/bombing the enemy fleet for the entire duration of the engagement very important, to keep those modules disabled.

We call that item that restores your hp very fast if you haven’t take damage tethering.

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It’s also called broadcast for reps before you’re actually being shot at.

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do you have any idea how often you are in a mid to large sized fight that you go over 60s w/o taking damage?

just use a station or tether at a citadel. if you must just put a rep and depo in your cargo

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Warping a battleship across a long system can take more than 60s.

So i could fight, escape and be back to full health by the time i get to my out gate. Whats wrong about that?

(Sarcasm, plz no be serious)

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