Republic Fleet anti-Triglavian Forces using pirate faction ammunition

It appears that Republic Fleet forces aiding in the defense of Minmatar space from Triglavian invasion are using pirate faction ammunition. I have found a collection of Angel Cartel large projectile rounds in one Republic Fleet wreck, and this killmail shows a Republic Fleet vessel using Guristas Inferno Heavy Missles on a Triglavian-aligned capsuleer vessel.

Is the Fleet just putting looted and confiscated ammunition to use, or is this evidence of collaboration between the Fleet and pirate organizations?

In either case, if it kills triangles, that’s all I care about at the moment.


Maybe the navies are having problems getting supplies through.

Maybe they know the way to Jita like everyone else…


Clearly this is evidence of something going on at at least one decision level.

Fire up the Investigatotron, it’s time to unwrap this conspiracy !


It sounds like they had confiscated the material through the normal course of their duties. Do you have evidence that these munitions are actually being fired by the Republic Fleet ships?

Frankly I don’t even see a conspiracy. I’m in no capacity to speak for the Guristas on any official level, but looks to me that the Fleet may very well have a munition deal with the Guristas. Not outside the Guristas’ M.O, in fact it’s probably in their best interests to help supply the Empires with some ammo to help out the efforts against the Trigs…Might even be getting it for free!

Guristas very rarely operate in Repbulic space, so hard to imagine they confiscated enough ammo off them to start giving their fleets. Unless they’re incredibly desperate for missiles right now and taking every bit they can get their hands on.


That’s exactly what someone who was supplying Guristas missiles to the Republic Fleet would say !


…Alright, Not gonna argue with that logic. I’m fine with this statement.


It is, and not the only case at that. Serpentis provides Federation Navy with military grade boosters, as Scope had reported earlier in the conflict.

In case of the State, I think it’s only a matter of time before we see Guristas deploying to take on the Triglavians themselves.


I am not sure why this would not be acceptable. There are only two suppliers of high quality naval grade missiles around. Either you buy from the Guristas or you buy from the Caldari State. The republic fleet does not manufacture them.

Prior experience dealing with the Guristas, they provide a fair and no questions asked service. Whereas the Republic might well object to buying from the ally of their enemy.


Given the recent performance of the Caldari Navy, there doesn’t seem to be a justification for attempting to procure any good or service from them…

Speaking realistically, I’m willing to bet that the Guristas could have equally as a hardtime as the Navy if the main issue is doctrine. Sure, Guristas ships have their own improvements here and there for some of their ships. Vast majority of the Guristas armada isn’t far off from it’s Naval rival.

At the same time, probably focused on fortifying their own space and protecting their people in the event the Trigs decide to cut their losses in Empire space and start dicking around in null security frontiers

Now, speaking as a Guristas Shill

Could you…Imagine.

Just how embarrassing that would be for the State? That their own Navy is failing to defend it’s own systems and have to be bailed out by the Guristas?

Holy â– â– â– â– ! The State would never let that down! That would be the ultimate middle finger to the State if the Guristas actually swooped down and saved their populations from Invading trigs!

This guy gets it


Caldari ships are fine. They have been used effectively against Triglavian forces by capsuleers. You just have to, you know, fit the ship properly, and actually do things with it, instead of just sitting there and dying.



Then yeah, ■■■■ it. Shouldn’t be an issue for the Guristas then.

Correct. That combat report is certainly evidence of Captain Sparre letting me into his fleet while flying a Drake. The scandal!

Anyone can buy Guristas missiles or Angel projectile rounds at SCC market hubs. They’re strong. I’ve used pirate faction ammunition before. Many of the rest of you stick pirate implants in your heads.

Who cares what ammo the Republic Fleet uses? It’s not any sort of scandal.


And an “Anomalous Rogue Drone” as well !

Scandals heaped upon scandals !

How many layers does this scandalcake have ?

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Layers aren’t important, its the filling between them.

Jam ?

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Must be getting desperate. That being said, capsuleers aren’t really in a position to say anything, considering that I see more capital ammunition of pirate origin than any other origin.

Maybe cheese, depends on your taste.