Most Underutilized Module

I thought I would share a few modules that are potentially underutilized in PvE gameplay. Please feel free to share your own.

Auto Targeting System II (utility high): This only requires Target Management IV and adds +3 to the maximum number of targets when installed. In active mode, it will auto-target any NPCs red-boxing you within 60km.

Heavy Stasis Grappler (medium): These have tremendous falloff (the Faction are in excess of 30km), and activating these on an NPC frigate will usually trigger their MWD (so if you fire immediately after you can usually blap them).

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Auto Targeting System I +2 locked targets for 1pg 1 cpu, the t2 version requires 35 cpu so it doesn’t fit on a lot of things. Shame CCP killed utility highs on most ships, used to put one of these (or the t2 version) on a lot of ships plus a tractor beam. I should add the +locked targets is a passive bonus

signal amplifiers +locked targets +scan res +targeting range +sensor strength, just all around useful mod. can get a faction one for cheap. Used to fit one on my raven, but well don’t really fly ravens anymore. Might be worthwhile on a nightmare or barghest, but I don’t fly those a lot either. Or maybe on a rattlesnake, now with the c3-x drone mod can free up a lowslot or two.

Heating, The repair cost is based on the item’s base cost, a lot of meta/faction items are super cheap to repair, so you can use a lot of heat on certain things with certain setups. I always heat my MWD running Dread Pirate, as it’s a cheap meta item, and my other mid slots are mostly t2 invluns/sensor boosters which are also pretty cheap to repair. (and yea, yea, that’s not a module I know)

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With the proliferation of Citadels and free repairs, it’s also fairly painless to dock up enroute to the mission hub to repair any damage to armor, hull, drones, overheated modules, etc.

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I think both of these modules are used often, I myself have ratters with these fit to them.

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