Newbie Question: propulsion-less Amarr tank and spank

Is it doable?

Lots of active tanking, sit still, unmovable, and make good use of crystals to engage rats from whatever distance?

Propulsion modules eat up a lot of capacitor energy, and most of the time I’m just sitting in place, tanking the rats and shooting them up as they come.

EDIT: Dual reps, some resists, heat sinks, and lasers. Cap stable. No props. That’s the idea, anyway. Not sure if a good fit.

EDIT 2: It works well for level 2s. Not sure about level 4 missions, tho. I’d appreciate input from knowledgeable folks.

Seems like you already answered your question. Yes it is possible. You can scale this to level 4 missions fine.

Though I am not sure why you would want to not use a prop mod. MWD is the only module that is going to eat your cap pool while inactive. Afterburner will be fine for pve or using a jump drive. You can always carry a mobile depot with a jump drive / Afterburner to give yourself mobility when the situation calls for it.

As far as your Edits… that is the premise. Cap battery / rechargers for cap regen. Lows for rat specific tank / reppers. If you are using a t1 battleship for level 4s then the dual rep high resist is going to be more crucial for your tank and spank idea. Use rigs to fill gaps / free slots for other utility or whatever you need.


Thank you for answering.

It’s good to know I can scale it to level 4s, as I don’t enjoy circling stuff. It feels weird to be constantly moving around.

There’s one more thing I haven’t figured out, tho: what about the smaller ships flying up close? In cruisers, I can slow boat to some distant point while shooting, and the speed is just enough to keep rogue drones - in the case of level 2 missions - from flying too close for my pulse lasers, but when flying a battleship, I can only assume the unmodded speed won’t be enough to keep the small stuff from circling me to death. Are drones the only possible solution?

Btw, good to know micro jump drives don’t eat cap! Well suited to my purpose.

Tracking computer with tracking script,target painter or grabber help against small close targets, and light drones help too.

Unless snipering with beam, a good pulse with the above will hit most close targets. Using Dual pulse will increase chances more, but at a cost.

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If you are using pulse lasers a grappler will be enough to deal with cruisers that get in close typically. The frigs can be a bit more pesky and your drones will come in handy here. Best to just pop the frigs while they are closing the distance and burning right at you so you don’t have to resort to this but if they do get in close. Just assign the drones to them while you continue popping bigger ships with the guns.

I still highly recommend keeping a propulsion module on your lvl 4 boat whether it is an afterburner or a micro jump drive. Only turn them on when you need to use them. If you want to come to a complete stop and not even move, then drop the mobile depot and swap the propulsion mod for another mid slot item to increase your cap regen or application.

Some rules I would recommend when starting lvl 4 missions as a new player.

  1. - use this to be informed
  2. If your worried start with your Micro Jump Drive fitted so you can jump 100km away from the npcs. (This can save your ship if you get yourself into a sticky situation)

And I skipped rule number 1… because everyone knows number 1 rule of undocking from a station.

#1 - Don’t undock if you aren’t prepared to lose the ship.


Thank you! I only have one more (last) question :slight_smile:

Can’t the MJD be shut down by warp disruptors? Same as MWD?

Battleships are so slow that the AB won’t really help much (I think), so it’s either MWD or MJD, right?

yes, by warp scrambler.

few rats have it, none in normal L4s


AB’s have full effect when active, any velocity effects on ships velocity doesn’t effect the bonus.
Thus 107m/s might drop to 45m/s when EWAR’d, but the AB velocity bonus still applies to the 45m/s, so it will still increase ship velocity by its % bonus. So tend to be slower than MWD, but less effected by EWAR effects.

MWD on the other hand once tackled they’re useless till tackle removed. But excellent for getting to targets,gates and locations fast.

MJD are great, but have to remember you jump 100km in the direction your ship was heading. And if you’re trying to get to a gate or location between 30-50km away you’ll over jump it and have to fly back to it.
MJD are great for maintaining range, hence Marauders normally have one mounted, as soon as targets get within 30km they just jump 100km away and keep sniping targets, rinse and repeat.

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The trick to that is using advanced geometric math and jumping at an angle away from the gate and then making another jump towards the gate. That should get you in approximately the right area. Over the course of clearing the room out you should have enough time for the MJD to cool down and be ready again.


LOL, so true, but honestly how many EVE player think could do that other than yourself? :wink:

many people using ratllesnakes etc with mjd in escalations do it regularly. No prop mod, just mjd away and manage to land at 100km ish from the next gate (or the structure you wanna loot or…) and 2 min after jump back to the gate/ structure

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