Feature Request - Add Default Orbit/KeepAtRange/Ect To Fitting Screen

Hello, I had an idea for a feature; I’m in the fitting screen (LOVE that you added simulate fit feature) and I realize as I’m setting up my doctrine ships, “wouldn’t be nice to set default orbit button so every time I get in this ship, the fitting could auto-update my navigation rangers since I change ships a lot”.

My Sabre needs much closer default orbit ranges than my Vanguard and having to remember to update those numbers every time I un-dock is a bit of a pain. Saving those numbers to the fit while also having an “unchanged” option would be lovely. Thanks for all the hard work.



Even if it’s possible to consistently save those settings to a ship type/class, that level of granularity applied to ship fittings system would be amazing for corp and community fittings.

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Yeah, it would be nice if we could attach notes to corp fittings as well.

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Prefer to get 50km and 150km option added to orbit, keep distance and warpto.

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