Minor fitting tweak (or two)

It would be nice if the button for “fit ship” would do two things:

  1. Check to see if there are modules being removed from the ship that the fit says should be in the cargo hold.
  2. Check to see if modules that aren’t in the item hanger might be in the active ship’s hold and fit them from there.


Changing fits. My current (minor) issue is that I’m flying a sigil in and out of low sec, and flying in a use warp core stabs. Flying out I use cargo hold expanders.

But to change the fit, I first have to take the mods from my hold and put them in the station inventory so fit ship will find them. And then when I hit “fit ship”, it tells me it can’t find the modules it just removed from the ship that would have gone into the ship’s hold.

Again, very much a convenience item.

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As a side effect this would make refitting in space much easier and faster, say in a capital brawl you could just hit the “fit ship” to change the tank type of your titan instead of the frantic draging of mods.
Same goes for any fleet that has packed a nestor or a mobile depot with them. In short this change would have a big effect on fleet fights.

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yes please.

It would also be very helpful to have a ‘remove all turrets’ option in the fitting window and ‘remove all charges’. Dragging the charges first and then the weapons one by one from fittings to the items hangar is a nightmare.

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