In development changes to the Ship Fitting window

Hey all,

Inside the massive update currently available on the Singularity Test Server, we have a set of improvements to the Fitting Window, which is part of our ongoing efforts to embrace new players and improving the quality of life for all capsuleers. Please note that this is still a work in progress, and some elements might still be rough around the edges. That said, we would love to hear your initial feedback and suggestions on how we can make it better for all Capsuleers.

In brief, the changes revolve around making it easier to browse and filter your inventory while fitting a ship. We are adding a new tab on the left-hand side of the Fitting Window from where you can browse your inventory. This inventory window will include filters you are familiar with from the Browser tab, allowing you to quickly find modules and other items you normally look for when fitting a hull.

To give players more control of the fitting simulation process, we are adding a “Simulation History” at the bottom of the Fitting Simulation window. This will let you save snapshots of a simulated fit, making it easier to return back to a previous state after you go wild experimenting or simply want to compare different fits!

Thanks a lot in advance for trying out the changes. :slight_smile:
There is not yet a firm release date but we are hoping to deliver this into your hands soon. We will be updating the Known Issues list below as we make changes during development.

  • CCP karkur

Known issues:

  • When entering simulation when some history exists, the last bit in the history will appear selected even though it’s not currently visible
  • Message when leaving simulation/closing Fitting window can be misleading
  • Filters for charges are missing
  • “Set Filter for Slot” and “Find Type in Browser” will always go to the Browser tab, even though the Inventory is selected.

Liking the changes so far. Any plans to revisit saved fittings and increase the limit? 250 is too small imo.
I maxed it out long ago and now my routine of saving new fits involves copying to clipboard and pasting into Pyfa.


All the good fits are in the simulator, never in space.

my fitting window is covers my inventory window

There is never a screen large enough to play Eve with all windows open and see space at the same time.

Not even a projector onto the white cliffs of Dover will be enough space.

It would be nice to have custom selectable editable “layout” “profiles” and tiling options.

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These changes look great!

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Please, please, please, give us the ability to attach notes to corp fittings.

Also, it would be cool if the in-game fitting tool could at least account for drugs and implants. Seeing the effects of boosts and incoming remote reps would also be cool, but I’m not sure if that’s worth the effort when players can just use Pyfa.
No P2W

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Yes for drugs and implants!
In the hold I guess ?
I’m too lazy to use Pyfa, I prefer to do it in game.


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