Idea for overview!

While flying different ships that have different needs, I was wondering if it would be possible to change the selected item overview. My thoughts would be to have up to three tabs that you can set the default to. That way at the click of a button you could change default for say your data site astero to that of a combat site ship…
I’m not sure what it would take to implement this but I feel it would be a cool change, with not too many tabs so you need to choose your priorities…

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Yeah there is a way to change an overview and save it then perhaps copy that to your Bio or Mail so it is handy and instead of clicking tabs you could swap out the overlay depending how much time you put into setting each one up.

Wonder if there are a list of Overviews out there already made to do something like that?

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The overview as is, can be changed. I’m only talking about the selected item where you can at the moment only have one distance, or orbit locked in at any one time. My idea was to tab that part so you could have say three changes… Rather than a complete change like an overview …

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Your suggestion is extremely vague and it is not clear what it is exactly you are asking for. Are you asking for the ability to save/reload the default values for Orbit and Keep-at-Distance? Or…? Could you list the specific values/settings you want to save/reload?

What I’d like to see is changeable tabs like we have on the overview. But on the selected item. Allowing us to change default values of Orbit and keep at distance etc. This would allow for change of situation and, or ship type … I would think that three nameable tabs would be enough.

I get what they are saying. For example in a ship you have short and long range ammo. The selected item menu only has one set of default settings so you can really only tailor it to what your most common use case is. Many times in mid combat I change ammo types and might readjust the defaults in the selected item if I have time but often I don’t. The suggested tabs would allow to change tab when you change ammo so your settings match up.

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Like what you said :joy::+1:

Thanks for making sense of my chaos :wink:

Okay, I understand now. It’s an interesting idea… I can support it. Using a tiny hamburger menu button would allow for saving and loading infinite profiles while also providing for less clutter than tabs.

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