[Little Things] Overview UI Updates and Additional Hotkeys

As a small gang FC I find myself thinking a lot about two things:

  1. Precision mousing my way through to a fleet warp command under pressure is harder than it needs to be.
  2. I wish I had more options for my overview to make target selection less awkward.

Fleet Warp Hotkey
I love the Warp/Jump/Approach/Align/Orbit/Keep at Range hotkeys. I just wish they had a hotkey to fleet warp with the same ability to set a Default Range like with the other commands.

The Overview
While I appreciate the changes over the last few years to make the overview more functional (Tabs, Downloadable settings, etc) I wish the overview windows could be nested, similar to applications like Adobe Photoshop and the Unreal Engine Editor.

If you aren’t familiar, those applications let you “lock” an additional window to take up half the horizontal or vertical space of the containing window, and then from there let you drag to change the size of it to your liking. Having this ability would make the Overview a LOT more useful, as multiple filters could be displaying information at once: imagine having the top quarter of your Overview dedicated to Gates/The Sun, and the bottom 75% split between tacklers sorted by range, and everything else sorted by name/type etc. This is especially important now with the proliferation of Citadels, as having those off the overview is a disadvantage, and having them on the overview makes targeting a nightmare.

The Overview Part 2: Additional filter options

The other thing I wish the overview did was allow for further conditional filtering. Maybe I only want to see tacklers that are less than 100KM from me. Or maybe I want that applicable section to highlight booshers that are between 100-149KM from me, so that I can make quicker decisions about positioning. Combine that with the nested overviews (and keeping the tabs in the nests) and you pretty well have an overview that can be customized for use cases without being extremely awkward.

I recognize that messing with the overview could possibly get messy, but if I were looking into ways to update it for usability, this would be where I would start.

BTW: Bonus points if you could do the Overview nesting and make that exportable like the other options are now.

Here is an image that sort of illustrates what I’m talking about:

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