NEOCOM bugged since forced Photon GUI use

Since last tuesdays patch, when my account was forced into Photon and I had to deactivate it after the first disgusting experiences (especially font sizes and spacing/padding) follow bug is present:

  1. I start the launcher → launch a client → select one of my chars

  2. client launches and everything (old GUI) appears as normal, especially NEOCOM menu bar, at least in the beginning

  3. I switch via relog-button to the character selection screen and select another of my chars

  4. client launches with the 2nd char … and in NEOCOM menu bar all icons except that stupid and not removable skilling icon are gone - this is NOT funny

  5. to get the icons, I need to unlock NEOCOM, then resize a bit to make the icons appear, then resizes some more painful moments to get it to the size they had before and should have due to my screen sizes of 1700 x 900

  6. email to CCP support last Tuesday was replied to do some validation of files, caches and such. Followed their email instruction to no result, bug still present. Further emails on last Wedensday or Friday have not been answered yet, to my dismay.

This incident, happening due to photon GUI, pushes me even more away from this game. Already the issue with the new skilling windows last year, which HAS NOT been corrected yet by reducing the font sizes, the paddings, spacings, giving it back the sizes of the old skill window, is still a horror to behold.
And now this here? Come on !

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