Neocom empty when logging in

I regularly get an empty neocom when I log in.
This bug started happening after the UI changes to the skill window and character window.

Opening any window (including F12 for bug reports) brings all the buttons back, so when I made ingame reports of this issue it was impossible to add a screenshot as when I have the bug report tool open the bug is not present. So I’ll post the screenshot here:

Please fix it, it’s annoying.

You can add your screenshot (and other stuff) from outside the game:
that way if you filed a support ticket;
through here if you went for a bug report.

Edit: actually, I believe one can’t report a bug from inside the game.

Thanks @Lincoln_Spicuous , I’ve added screenshots to the report.

Does anyone else have this bug?

I would love that feature, gives me more space.

Too bad, the neocom is still there taking up space, it’s just most of the buttons that are missing. :wink:

(Also I think you can already remove or add buttons yourself, if an empty neocom is what you want.)

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