Can we get a scoop to cargo hold hotkey

Please it would make scooping things like mtus much easier. If you want to tell me that it’s useless, then just take a look at some of the other hotkeys in the game, such as character creation.

Unless you don’t play with your mouse at all, I don’t see the point. Right-click MTU, left-click scoop…done. You have to select it either way…a hotkey would only replace a mouse click. Doesn’t make any sense…much like many other kotkeys in the game.

Hell, the only ones I ever use are F1, F2, and Ctrl. Probably because I set my mouse to super fast, and I don’t suck at using it.

yeh but it still is something that can be simplified a bit more, would make it easier for me and other abyssal runners to scoop our mtus in, and therefore, I’d prob not forget it nearly as much, I get it it’s not a priority, but it’s not as if it’s without any worth.

no. this is fine the way it is… this was proposed before and shot down before.

Just for you. You probably want a key for literally every little thing you can think of. How’s life, when even the silliest things are challenging for you?

Every time you ask for something to be easier you admit your inadequacy to the rest of the world.

just for you. You should probably realize that in a real world scenario that people are a lot of times trying to find a way to take a per-existing idea and make it simpler, because when you think about it simpler is better, if you can take the same concept and make it so it takes fewer steps with the same end goal, then why not do it, it leaves less room for error. No one in their right mind takes and idea and goes “huh let me just make this harder”. There is literally no point to that. Throughout civilization development, people have always been trying to find a way to make things better, simpler and therefore more effective. Whether that be agriculture and inventing new farming technology to simplify plowing, planting, and harvesting or even warfare, with the invention of new technologies to allow civilizations to more effectively use their military. It’s not being inadequate, it’s being better.

I kinda stopped paying attention to your post at this point.

Yes. I’ve thought about this. I’ve thought about this probably longer than you did. The conclusion was that simpler is not always better. In fact Einstein was right in that regard. Making things too easy and too simple is bad. When everything is easy, everyone will be dumber.

I understand that this is most likely beyond your comprehension, but hardships are an important part of life. When everything is easy then no one would be challenged. No one would be forced to put brainpower into things. No one would see the need to change or improve something anymore, because everything is so damn easy anyway.

And then, after a whole generation of having it too easy, they will wine about everything being too complicated. They will do so, because the easy world is the norm for them and they never required to put any effort into anything at all, which means they never needed to develop any deeper understanding of what they’re doing.

A good part of our daily reality already is this way. Computergames are a prime example for how things got made easier to please the dumbest, who are most willing to spend extra money.

And you can’t even make paragraphs, because you don’t actually give a ■■■■ about others reading your ■■■■ anyway.

This is stupid.
Simply put.

Go and take administration and management classes. PDCA, Kaban and other tools are focused on making things simpler, better and more efficient.
If you’re grinding through life with that perspective, bro, that’s must be a burden.

There always were and always will be 1000:1 stupid lazy people for each person that can actually make a difference in some specific subject.
And if you’re inapt you’ll just die.
Life is though if you’re soft.


PS: Hell yeah I’d like a shortcut to scoop to cargo.

I was trying to google a shortcut for this, and I found this thread. I think it would be a great idea, but haters gonna hate and insult you for making a simple (good) suggestion. You don’t have to use the hotkeys if you don’t want to. SMH

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I would also like to see a hotkey for this function. I use voice commands for a lot of my piloting that calls on hotkeys to perform an action. It is a pain to have to walk over to the mouse to scoop an object. So this would be very meaningful for me.

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This strikes as a feature that would probably be relatively easy to implement. More hotkey options are better. Someone, like the OP, has a play style that will take advantage of the hotkey.

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