Add Scoop Button to cargo view next to "Loot All"

I got a suggestion - can you please add a “Scoop to Cargo” next to the “LOOT ALL” button when you open an MTU? So you can click and scoop immediately without having to find it on the overview, right click and then find Scoop to Cargo in the long huge menu. If you are not close enough, the button is not active, or gives you a message that you need to be within 2500m, like the loot button does.

Would be a small change but add a great convenience…please?



“Scoop and Loot”!

sorry bro but this isnt that hard and it does not take you forever like you wanna describe it.

but yeah, it could be a nice little QoL improvement. but then they should create a “scoop back to cargohold” button for all the little mobile structures you can scoop back after work is finished.

  1. MTU
  2. Mobile Depot
  3. Reusable Container
  4. Stationary Bubbles
  5. ol the other stuff i forgot
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I’m not saying is hard, its just an annoying pain in the rear. I mean, why add filters to overviews, you can just sort your crap out, cant you? LOL

Yes, the other stuff on there should be added too, all the mobile structures.