Requested keyboard shortcuts

After doing PVE, I like to pick up salvage. I fit my ship with a tractor beam and collect all the garbage and then use a salvager.

Because of my physical disability, keyboard shortcuts have been a real help. I would like to see the ability to assign a keyword shortcut to the “Open Cargo” icon. Given its position on the menu is identical to the “Dock” and “Jump” commands both of which use “D” I think that that character would be an ideal choice. Unfortunately when I go into the setup section under keyboard shortcuts there is no way to assign any character to “Open Cargo”. I think this would be a natural choice and would be handy for most players but very handy for someone like me who depends on keyboard shortcuts because my disability.


I’m always a fan of increasing hot keys

When I salvage, I tend to leave the inventory open, so when I loot, I just hit loot all and it’s in my cargo

hes talking about accessing the cargo of each wreck

Maybe better suited to a post at Little things / Small QoL suggestions

This and the “Loot All” button could really do with shortcuts.

+1 to open cargo and loot all hotkeys

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