Keydoard Shortcut Mapping

Yes, another newby with gross terminal stupidity for you old fart traders: (sorry did I inadvertently add an ‘r’ in there somewhere - or am I being simply flatlulent ?)
Can CCP please give us all the possibility to map our keyboards as we please, for ALL click gestuals:
‘Cargo Open’ and ‘Loot All’ would be very much appreciated, seeing as all other ‘Selected Item’ window items get a remappable short cut.
In fact, why aren’t every mouse-click (L or R) given an optional KB shortcut so players can map their keyboards as they please ?
Awaiting your toxic verbosity - i’ve seen it coming…:wink:

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Open Cargo exists already. It’s called “Holds & Bays”, and it can be freely remapped.

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Thank you for your response but I’ve just checked it and in fact ‘Holds & Bays’ appears to be simply (and curiously) another way to open the ‘Inventory’ window (ALT-C).
Curiously, because it opens ‘Active Ship’ Hold - and not the ‘Open Cargo’ command as I am requesting.

Alt C is by default set to open the Inventory. You can rebind Inventory (I set it to Alt Y) and then use Alt C to open your current ship’s cargo.

By open Cargo, you mean that you want to open a container in space that you have selected? That would be a completely new shortcut, that is true.

That’s exactly what I mean: ‘Open Cargo’ - as it appears in the ‘Selected Item’ window when approaching a Cargo Container or a wreck etc.

And, of course ‘Loot All’…
Thank you for your help in any case.

So, would a CSM care to respond or, even better, escalate this up to CCP ?


There’s a reason that has never been implemented. It would be used by botters and macro’d and hotkeyed.

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Thanks for your reply but, and please excuse my noobie ignorance, what does that mean ?

It means that it would let people create automated programs to loot (botting), which is something that CCP doesn’t want folks to do (it’s bannable, but happens a lot anyway). In order to loot, you actually have to manually do things, which helps stop people from botting.

Thank you Brisc,
I understand the words but maybe not the meaning :wink:
If the two requested KB shortcuts existed, then hitting two keys (Open Cargo then Loot All) one after the other, is almost the same as creating a macro to do it.
I do feel that there must be other routines that could be applied, but i’m too new to this to see them.
Could you enlighten me please ?

That would make it MUCH easier than the current bots, and a lot more difficult to catch the insta-loot botters.

The manual input needed to loot is a necessary evil, for now.

There is already too much of a problem with loot bots – see Loot Bots at Jita IV-4 - #58 by MacGybo


Thank you once again, and again I see it without fully understanding it.
Whatever, I get the point and it’s not going to happen…
Visibly, the things some people do and the lengths to which they are willing to go is unfathomable - some kind of twisted spirit in search of a malignant pleasure ?
The world, cyber or real, and its inhabitants, is truly a remarkable place and here, I suppose, is possibly the only place that i’m likely to come across such as their ilk.
Be safe and well