Loot Shortcut

Is there a keyboard shortcut for Loot All ?

Or one for open cargo + loot all ?

No. The full list of shortcuts can be found on the Shortcuts tab of the settings (ESC) menu. You can choose “open cargo” from the right click menu to approach a wreck - that will automatically open the inventory window when you are in range.

The inventory window is also stackable. I stack mine with the chat windows so it out of the way. The client automatically selects the inventory tab when I’m in range of the wreck.

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I would advice against stacking your inventory with local (in fact I would put local chat in some spot where it’s always visible, so also unstacked from corp chat.) Not seeing local while looting is a recipe for getting caught with your pants down.


Double click in the overview on a wreck or container entry opens the cargo as soon as you’re within 2’500 m. “Ctrl + A” selects all. But then I need some mousework to drag&drop or click the “Loot All” button afaik.

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