Loot button in inventory

When the inventory window is smallish the text on the bottom of the window overlaps with the loot button making it hard to read and ugly. Also, why no loot button in compact mode? Its a pain to have to drag items when opening cargo instead of just tapping the button. Put button in compact mode.

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Talking of which, I would dearly love a Keyboard Shortcut option for "Open Cargo’ and ‘Loot All’.
Can that be implemented please ?
In fact, there should be a Keyboard Shortcut option for EVERY action - allowing players to customise their UI as they please.

Adding a shortcut isn’t Photon-specific. Players are occasionally racing each other to ‘loot all’ - perhaps game designers feel having a shortcut for it would make the race unbalanced, in favor of the player with a programmed macro button.

Haha !
Understood, but it is part of the UI - Photon or other - and since all the other buttons in the ‘Selected Item’ window get a shortcut, it’s difficult to understand why ‘Open Cargo’ (and its associated ‘Loot All’) got overlooked.

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