CCP - Give us a "LOOT ALL" shortcut, by clicking a wreck on the overview!

Thank you!

Like lock target
Create a shortcut to LOOT ALL without having to open container/wreck

Or at least create a shortcut to open container/wreck.

Thank you thank you!

You realise this will mean the gankers can also loot faster…

Seems like a win/win for everyone then.

There’s no need for this. There’s no shortcut exactly because there needs to be a chance for you to ■■■■ up, which you’d completely remove if you had a shortcut.

Only losers need this.

You want to loot all the wrecks in range in one key bind?

RMTers wet dream.




Lolwut. Since when is “you have a chance to fumble the interface” good game design? EVE is supposed to be about interesting decisions and strategy, not about whether you click the button sequence correctly.

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How is it any different from the way it is now? An RMT bot knows where all of the buttons are and can automatically press them. And it’s a bot that doesn’t get frustrated by extra clicks, it just mindlessly executes the script it is given. A single “loot wreck” button only benefits active players because they’re the only ones who care about the annoyance of the extra click.

Edit: perhaps you aren’t understanding the suggestion? The button does not automatically loot all wrecks in range with a single click, it allows you to click on a wreck and hit “loot all” from a distance instead of “open wreck” followed by “loot all” once you reach the wreck and open it. You still have to fly over to the wreck and open/loot it from the normal distance.

You do realize when he says “Loot All” he is not talking about all the loot in a single wreck, he is talking about all the wrecks in range.

It’s not just a new keybind, it is a whole new loot method.

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No, that’s not what it says. It’s a suggestion to replace the current “loot all” button on a wreck with a right-click “loot all” button you can press from a distance. Nothing in there says that it does anything but move where the interface button is located.

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“lolwut” … are you turning dumber every day?

The shaking hands are a vital part of the game play and they absolutely affect the outcome of the situation. Removing that adds nothing to the game. Nothing. It just makes it worse. It removes an important part from the experience.

This is the second time I catch you talking about something you don’t actually understand outside of apparently theoreticals. Over the last months you’ve seriously degenerated to a point where you’re barely distinguishable from the bears.

You’re just as bad. It’s disgusting.
Get a grip on yourself again.

No. OP asks for a shortcut.
Shortcut. What’s a shortcut?

It’s not just the option moved somewhere else.

People also call them “hotkeys”.

No, I’m just mocking your stupid idea because “lolwut” is all it deserves. A bad interface is **** game design, always. The job of the interface is to translate player intent into in-game actions, if it fails to do this effectively because buttons are poorly located, commands are lost or mis-timed because of server lag, etc, then it is failing to do its job and needs to be fixed. Difficulty should come from having to make the correct decision under time pressure (do I gank this ship or let it go, is that guy in local AFK in station or a bomber with a cyno, etc), not from having redundant extra buttons to press before the interface does what you want.

FFS, what’s next by your absurd standard? Declaring that pressing F1 to activate your guns doesn’t leave enough room for “shaking hands” and turning on your modules should be replaced by a complex sequence of key presses that have to be done with perfect timing or your guns go offline? Requiring you to keep your cursor within a small box for the entire duration that your warp disruptor is activated or your ship immediately self destructs? Why is the “shaky hands” problem good in one situation but not in those?

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Yes, and you still aren’t listening. OP asks for a “loot all” hotkey, not the ability to loot immediately from any distance. The suggestion is to replace the current interface buttons with a single hotkey that approaches a wreck and, upon reaching loot range, opens it and attempts to transfer everything into your cargo hold. All it does is allow you to hotkey all of the interface actions for the most common use case into a single click/press.

The very similar comparison here is with the existing “open” button. CCP recognized that most of the time if you hit “approach” on a wreck it will be followed by “open” once you get there, so they made it so that hitting “open” from outside of the range limit issues the “approach” command to your ship and opens the wreck once you get there. OP is simply asking CCP to make a similar acknowledgement that the most common use case involves the “open” command being followed by “loot all” as soon as the wreck opens and combine the entire sequence into a single button/hotkey.

I am … listening … with my eyes, I guess. :slight_smile:

Yes and that’s exactly why it’s not a good idea. If you don’t believe it, then I suggest you start suicide ganking and learn all by yourself why it’s a bad idea to have something like this.

Your “all it does” tries to downplay the significant impact these several steps have on the nervous costume. Looting can make your heart pump HARD. This can make you ■■■■ up, which is a part of the experience. This idea only serves the lazy** and stupid while at the same time reducing the emotional impact of a potentially escalating situation.

This is bad. You just don’t understand. Maybe you don’t have a heart,
or have no feelings, or simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

Doesn’t matter, it’s a bad idea.

**Actually this idea servers Farmers the most.

■■■■ Farmers.

And yes I’m well aware that you can approach and open a wreck with a single click already, but you can not loot it with that click. That’s by design. It’s how it should be. This idea servers farmers most. ■■■■ those guys and everyone who wants things to be easier for no reason at all.

Yes, there’s no ■■■■■■■ reason. OP is continuously outing herself as a mindless moron and being for any of her ideas just makes you look like you spend as much time thinking about it as the OP does.

Got nothing more to add, except:

■■■■ Farmers.

Nonsense. It simply replaces “who is better at pressing the interface buttons faster” with “who made the better decisions”. Do you fit for speed/acceleration to get to the wreck faster or do you fit for cargo volume to make sure you get the loot? Do you put your ship centered on the gate so that you have an equal travel time to each potential gank site or do you pick a side and accept that you’ll be out of position on the other side but first to reach the wreck if the target appears on your chosen side? Do you stay at 0km on the target to open the wreck ASAP or do you back off so that you can open it while moving aligned at full speed and insta-warp to avoid a counter-gank? Etc.

EVE is supposed to be an intellectual game, not a game of reaction time. And EVE is at its best when victory is decided by making better decisions, not by trying to be a bad FPS and rewarding the fastest button press.

{citation needed}

Do you have proof of CCP saying that it is deliberate and explaining their reasons, or are you just assuming that it must be deliberate because they haven’t done it yet?

Yeah, **** anyone who wants the interface to work better. EVE should be difficult because the interface is bad, basic tasks should involve more button presses just to make them more difficult! CCP needs to remove weapon grouping because activating all of your guns with one button is too easy and rewards farmers too much.


Unless you stop being such a mindless carebear there really is no point in talking to you any longer. You’re at a point where I get the feeling you’re Anderson. Just as thoughless and just as stupid.

I don’t argue around with people who’ve stopped thinking.

You have nothing.

Have a nice day.

PS: Enjoy having the last word.

Yeah, because I definitely don’t hate carebears and regularly express my contempt for them…

But I see you’ve reached the point where you admit that you don’t have any argument for why bad interface design should be continued and have to make a dramatic show of exiting the discussion (only to come back soon, I expect).