CCP - Give us a "LOOT ALL" shortcut, by clicking a wreck on the overview!

coming from a “mindless carebear” I do not like this idea. The way it is now, is fine. Mainly because the only time I have to open something and click loot all, is my MTU.

We don’t need this idea of yours implemented at all.

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As far as I am concerned, the current “Loot All” button that we have is new. The old way required you to select, drag, and drop. The button is a luxury. Now you kids take the button for granted? What’s next?

Unless they have changed it I recall you can already just click on the container/wreck in the overview and it will open the container for you.

If your using a tab filtered for wrecks/containers you can position the container window so that the loot all button appears on top of the wreck you just clicked on when it opens in front of your overview window.

Dumb idea as you can do it yourself already making your own shortcut to “LOOT ALL” button. Then it is just a race to see who can click faster or has better connection/computer.

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Yeah, how shocking that CCP could improve the interface and players could continue asking them to improve it. We should be grateful that CCP allows us to have buttons at all and lower our standards!

Bitter much? Is Eve too hard?

And the current situation isn’t? Racing to see who can press the interface button faster or perfectly align their windows to minimize mouse travel distance is idiotic.


Sorry, I didn’t realize I was dealing with one of those people who thinks that EVE’s challenge should come from a poorly designed interface and nonexistent documentation rather than the intellectual battle to make better decisions than the people who are opposing your goals. What’s next, whining about how auto repeat makes the game too easy and you should have to click manually to fire each shot?

This made me die laughing, can’t tell either if your actually serious.

Please explain, how is being smart enough to figure out and choose to do things a better way than others idiotic?

Keep digging and let me know when you found bottom.


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It’s idiotic that the “better way” consists of rearranging windows to overcome poor interface design, not making better in-game choices than everyone else. Overcoming poor interface design should not be a relevant skill, and the fact that you’re presenting it as a skill demonstrates how little you understand about game design.

So your argument is that the loot all button should already be arranged like that because you cannot be bothered to take the time or brain effort to think of it and do it yourself.

Also, since clever players have the option to manipulate the interface in that means themselves it equates to poor interface design in your opinion as compared to not already being automatically as convenient for you.

Furthermore you think it is idiotic that players have the option to do that themselves.

Maybe some people like to be able to move their windows around however they like depending on what they are doing at the time in the game. Some players do take advantage of learning and understanding how both the game and interface operates and maximizing their potential use of it through customization instead of expecting CCP to think for us how we should do things in a more permanently fixed way.

How would you like that you have to first get in range and then open a tab from the left hand bar to search nearby containers with a permanently fixed loot all button and window on the opposite side of the screen so it doesn’t accidentally open and block your screen and overview while playing in space clicking on things around you.

Would that be more convenient than just clicking on a container in your overview and a window popping up in front of your mouse to loot all contents?

I guess it would be for you because then you wouldn’t have to think of an easier way to do things for yourself if there was no option anyways.


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In another year these guys will be complaining the MTUs are too much of a hassle and they should automatically fly back to a station and unload themselves.

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Don’t give them ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

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FFS, “automatically convenient” is the definition of good interface design! The job of the interface is to translate player intent to in-game actions as easily, accurately, and transparently as possible. The moment you start talking about the “skill” of manipulating the interface you are conceding that it is poorly designed. Skill in EVE is supposed to be about making the correct decisions against other players, not about making the game execute those decisions.

Maybe some people like to be able to move their windows around however they like depending on what they are doing at the time in the game.

Uh, what? Nothing about this proposal takes away the ability to keep doing what you are currently doing. It simply adds the option (via right-click menu/hotkey) to, with a single click, command your ship to approach a wreck and take all of the contents.

Proposal sucks, so no.

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The ultimate interface design according to OP:

Who needs complexity and player skills anyway that is so 1990s, yay for instant gratification and dumbed down gameplay.



Thank you for proving my point. Having to click multiple buttons to execute a command is not complexity or player skill or gameplay depth, it’s just poor interface design. And giving a single button to execute the command is not an “I win” button as it does not make any decisions for you. It merely executes a common command sequence just like clicking “open” on an object also executes the “approach” command if you are out of range, or enabling auto-repeat on your modules causes your guns to continue activating until commanded to stop.

It is an “I win” button for loot thieves when an MTU is involved with said loot. (And I say that as a loot thief in Jita on an alt.)

Edit: Thinking about it an MTU doesn’t even need to be involved to make it OP for loot thievery. Just takes away a layer of player skill involved with that activity in general as well.

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Your intent is to loot all contents easily by arranging the interface to do that accurately by making sure the loot all button pops up as close as possible to clicking on the wreck in the overview, doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Yes, skill is about decisions so instead of choosing to complain about it do what any learned player does and just do it yourself instead of begging for an autopilot to loot containers for you, or drop an MTU if your that lazy.

There already is an option to open cargo by right clicking on either the container in space or your overview.

It will make your ship approach and open the container when in range but you still need to choose to loot the container yourself as the container may be restricted and that could get you a suspect timer so like any action other than auto-piloting your going to have to just choose to do these things yourself to complete the sequence.

However, this option does need some refinement as the ships AI is not smart enough to slow down on approach before reaching the 2500m range requires to open a container. If your in a small ship going very fast this causes your ship to constantly fly by and accelerate multiple times towards the container until it has closed enough distance so as not to speed up too much before it is within 2500m of the container after which it will choose to slowly approach the container until at 0m.

So even if they added an auto-loot option you would still have to manually pilot your ship correctly to loot the container efficiently without bobbing in and out of loot range before it completed the action.

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How is it an “I win” button? Does it help your ship carry more cargo? Does it help you choose a good victim? No. All it does is reduce the number of clicks it takes to execute a command sequence, and if an extra click is your defense against someone winning then you don’t really have any meaningful protection. This is like claiming that auto-repeat is an “I win” button for PvP because it allows you to keep your warp disruptor active continuously and removes the skill element of reactivating it with perfect timing at the end of a cycle to keep your target from exploiting any delay by warping off. If you want a continuous warp disruption effect why shouldn’t you have to spend another mid slot to fit a second one to activate with an offset cycle to cover the gap?

Yes, exactly! JFC this is basic interface design 101. I can’t believe that you’re sitting here complaining about the possibility of the interface allowing you to execute a command easily. Your intent is to approach, open, and loot the object. Good interface design allows you to execute this common sequence with a single click/hotkey. Bad interface design requires extra clicks for the sole purpose of making it more difficult.

Yes, skill is about decisions so instead of choosing to complain about it do what any learned player does and just do it yourself instead of begging for an autopilot to loot containers for you, or drop an MTU if your that lazy.

Compensating for poor interface design is not skill or a meaningful decision. Nor does the fact that players have figured out a way to mitigate poor interface design a reason not to fix the problem.

There already is an option to open cargo by right clicking on either the container in space or your overview.

Yes, I know that, I was referring to that option. CCP acknowledged that the command sequence of approaching an object followed by opening that object is extremely common and provided an interface button to execute both commands with a single click. So why aren’t you whining and crying about how this combination “removes skill”?