Suggestions - Open cargo, automatically loot all?

Hello all.

I am kind of new here, I just wonder if there is an Auto loot after killing pirateships other wise, I like to suggest it.

There is no auto loot. Autoloot would be a HORRIBLE thing. If you loot something you want and it takes up too much room and want to jettison it to make room for something you do want, there is a VERY lengthy delay between when you can jettison stuff from your cargohold (ie. you cannot do so repeatedly in a short time frame). Also, autoloot would be a dream come true for some botters.

And yes, there are VERY good reasons for this lengthy delay between jettisons.

There should be an “On/Off” button for the auto loot as well, so people can have a choice to auto loot or not.
When it comes to bots, they should be banned.

I should add: There is something called a Mobile Tractor Unit that does automatically loot things for you, but it loots things to itself not to your ship - and it does this very slowly. It doesn’t have the advantages of ships themselves autolooting. It has its own set of disadvantages (and ways in which it is not bot friendly), of course.

You basically ignored everything I explained to you.

This is not as easy as it sounds

Mobile Tractor Unit ?, they are very expensiv. 30 mil.
I got like 3 mil more or less.

I kind of did ignore you. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to bots, I agree, it aint easy.

MTU’s only cost 7 million ISK. You can make that in an hour and a half mining Veldspar in a Venture in high sec…

I am very new to this, I am just glad if I make 500000 bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the market, it say 30 mil.

You’re looking at a non-tradehub market where you’re going to get ripped off. I could lecture you on better ways of making ISK than Venture mining, but honestly the best thing you can do is find a good corp to mentor you like EVE Uni or something like that.

EVE Uni, do you pay taxes their? :stuck_out_tongue:

look at the corp in game and see if they charge tax or not… IIRC it may be 10% of 100,000

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