The 'Loot All' button

(Ayx Shewma) #1

Can we have this option be intuitive, and do things like put ore in ore holds, minerals in mineral holds, etc?

(Lukett MyDabb) #2

so say i gank some fool mining in my wh space, i come back in a miasmos to loot all the ore he got for me, but i have to physically click and drag the ore, and you want the loot all button to do it for me.

hm. I don’t see why not +1

(Scipio Artelius) #3

Yeah, it seems pretty straight forward that our ships would be advanced enough to automatically sort loot like that.

It’s not like we can’t do it manually, so the systems exist on board our ships to facilitate movement like that. Since the whole purpose of “loot all” is to automate the looting process, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that it would also go the extra step to sort it into the correct type of hangar/bay where possible.


(Donkyhotay) #4

FTFY (c;

(system) #5

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