Stack All Button On Cargo Windows

I think it would be cool if we got a stack all button on the cargo windows so right click is not necessary. Amirite?


YES! -or some setting to autostack new item in cargo/tainer/hangar.


I would suggest not having an “AutoStack” for no other reason than database efficiency. That and, having to “turn it off and on again” may lead to more button clicks than “stacking when ya wanna stack”.

I would think that the auto stack “loop” would take up far more CPU than people occasionally clicking a button but I’m no expert.

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Yep yep

Yeah that may be true for hangars with large numbers of items.

Asking for automatic stacking might seem harmless at first, but it can quickly become a very slippery slope. What’s next, a feature that automatically pilots your ship between destinations, or a module that automatically targets your enemies? No, we must preserve the manual integrity of this game and say no while we still can.

ONE button to rule them all.
I’d love to have one button to do everything!
Log in, click once and everything is done! Logout 10sec flat.
:running_man: On to the next game…

It is called the biomass button that is how you win EVE with a few clicks. You’re welcome! :wink:


Biomass :thinking: That sounds too ominous. I don’t want to press that button. Especially I have only one toon and I don’t want to have to start again.
So the Biomass button is the Win button :rofl: I’ll remember that next time CCP pisses me off.

100% agree with the OP, definitely should have an ‘Auto-Stack’ button for Ship Cargoholds, Containers and Station Hangars.

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