Auto stack items option

Auto stack items… please… as an option for the cargo

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This ^

We have it now for probes, but, I really want/need it on other items, in cargo and in station and cargo and station cans.

R- click stack all not working for you?

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Pleas yes. Why didn’t CCP have this from DAY ONE?

Are you aware of what the word “Auto” and the word "Option’ means? Of course R’click stack works, That’s not the point. This is a simple and useful feature that should have been coded from day one. Also, if you don’t like it, Since it would be an OPTION you simply didn’t have to enable/could freely disable

Options aren’t so easy. Each option added forever increases Q/A work.

I really don’t see a need for this in the slightest when it can already be done in just two clicks.

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There’s already a Stack function, I don’t think making it an option to be on would add to much complexity or QA, Granted it needs to be checked of course, But that’s one of the things the test server is for, It’s not just for us to test stuff, Its to try out server side stuff for the Dev’s also!

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