Stacking button

We have Sorting buttons on the Inventory window, but please, for the love of Jove, could you also finally add a Stack All button up there?

Yes, this is my number 1 UI annoyance.

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As in “stack all” option, that stacks the specific item you have clicked? Maybe yeh, that could be usefull.
But the “Sort all” does actually stack everything, if its stakcable. Just remember to repackage first :wink:

Not just the specific item but the entire hangar. Now I need to right click on an empty part of the window, hunt for the Stack All option and click. Something I do a couple of dozen times during every time I play, especially during mission when I have a lot of loot to sort.

I’ve been doing that for more that 10 years, live with it. And its been asked/requested hundreds of times.

So we are here.

Yes, I know, been here for 12. It’s one of those little things that you don’t realise at first how annoying it is, until you start paying attention to it.

Meh, theres loads of little things like that which would be nice.

I personally want a ‘Repair all’ and ‘Cancel all repairs’ buttons for when you’re in dpace and wanna repair multiple mods at a time, and cancel them all in a single click rather that doing each module seperately

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