Why doesn't "Stack All" stack all?

On my Inventory ‘Stack All’ often fails to do what it says on the tin, i.e when I have multiple copies of an identical item in a hanger and issue a ‘Stack All’ command, some of them stack but others don’t. Is this a bug, a feature, or some setting I’m missing ?

It is working as intended.

Only repackaged items stack.

Repackage anything that has been used, hit Stack All, and everything will stack.

Also note, damaged items will not Repackage, so you may need to repair some first.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, makes some sort of sense now :slight_smile:

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…Although it’s extremely annoying that the only place you can ‘Repackage’ is the Item hangar. I have a lot my stuff carefully organised in containers, but in order to repackage the contents I have to Select them in the container, drag them to the Item hanger, Select them again, perform a Repackage, perform a Stack All, select the resultant item yet again, and drag it back to the original Container. Would be nice if we could just Repackage in any hangar, Eve.

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Agreed, also within the Cargo Hold of our ships would be nice.

I did a bit of looting of wrecked gank ships during the recent Burn Jita. Having 51 blasters, 38 Pulse Lasers and 79 Sensor Boosters that won’t stack isn’t much fun, haha.

I have a specific container for the “won’t stack” stuff. If I sort something and see it won’t stack, it goes in there. Once I have a reasonable amount, I load it all into an industrial and take it to a nearby citadel (my office doesn’t have a repair bay), repair what needs repairs, repackage and stack everything, haul it back to my office, and stash it all away.

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