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The last couple days i have noticed an issue with not being able to stack all items from inside a container.
If you drag items out of a container to your hangar and drag it onto certain items (mostly blueprints ive found) it will not perform the drag and drop.
The search assets will not find items that are currently inside a secure container.
i hope this is where im supposed to query/report such things.
Many thanks.


I think you’re looking for this thread:

And probably a good idea to submit a Bug Report too.

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thank you mate first time ive had a bug to report. cheers.

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Hit F12 in game and send a support ticket.

I’ve been meaning to do one too, this bug seems to have been in effect for at least a week. I’ve found the same issue as you.

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Yes, it is not that crucial, but annoying bug. Hope your bug report will work.

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