Anyone else notice "stack all" not working?

I move items around a lot, and use “stack all” frequently, and daily. Noticed tonight that it wasn’t working, at all. Failed to do anything, every single time. And, yes, I did have items which needed to be stacked.

So, wondering if it was just me, or if others noticed this?

I’ve noticed it happened inside a corporation hangar (in my case).

(edit) I have to move all items to the item hangar, then stack all, then move back. :confused:

Not working for me in some Containers.

also not working for me, I had a new thing last night where it was auto stacking things in the station inventory so if I wanted to sell things and I dragged them into there from my ship they auto stacked and I had to hunt them down to sell, or goods I buy in station instantly would stack themselves.

meanwhile right clicking and stack all would have zero result for items inside my ship

Im trying to stack 2 lots of "Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring " and its not working lol

Please read the known issues thread after updates to see that this is already a well known issue that is being worked on…

Working fine for me - yesterday and today.
Stacking in hanger and in ship’s hold.

The issue is that ‘stack all’ doesn’t work in other places, such as inside MTU, inside containers that are in item hangar, etc…

Yes, it doens’t stack all all the time. I have in particular a station container for keeping my salvage which won’t ever stack all items sice this started few hours ago. I thought there are too many different things in it but there are only around 130 distinct items inside it. They use to stack fine before. In my ships and in item hangars they do stack. Very annoying

For me, none of my alts on both my Omega accounts can do a Stack All in Corporation hangars. Annoying indeed

I cannot use stack all in station containers anymore, as cannot several people i know.
I don’t know whether this is a bug or intended, but for me it makes the game more tedious and less enjoyable.
Please change it back. :blush:

It would also be great to be able to sell out of station containers, but that is a different matter.

Stack All works in Ship Cargo and Item Hanger. Everything else is broken… Cargo Cans, MTU’s. And whose stupid idea is the Red Dot? Dumbest thing ever, sack that person please.

I have the same problem, items seems to be stacking in “item hangar” and cargo of a ship, but everywhere else it’s broken.

Yes “stack” not working in containers. although it is still working in main Inventory.

Can also confirm, this has been the case for a few days now. Can only use “Stack All” inside my item hangar and in ship’s cargo holds, but no longer in corporation hangars or any containers. Makes sorting items a real pain. You can still manually stack items inside containers or corp hangars by dragging one stack of items on top of the other one, but if you have hundreds of different items in a container, that is really cumbersome.

So either this is a bug and CCP didn’t fix it yet, or they disabled the feature for some reason (e.g. performance) but didn’t tell us. If it really is a performance fix, I just don’t get it if it is less overhead for the database to just perform the stacking operation than moving a hole bunch of items into a different container/hangar, then perform the stack, and have the database change all the items back into their original container. That simply doesn’t make any sense, so more likely it seems to be a bug.

Personal station item hangar and ship cargo holds are not affected, but corporation hangars and at least Station/Audit Secure Log Containers.

Yes, so someone else has commented. The title and discussion ahead of me wasn’t clear that they were only refering to a subset of cases.

It’s not all the containers either since I was stacking in them yesterday as well.

Yay! It’s fixed.

Im new to this whole forum thing. Am having issues in game with various things. Come here in hopes to find answers. Where would one find what you are speaking of? I’ll continue to look but would appreciate a link if possible. Thanks in advance o7

So… Late May 2020… I can’t stack all in my station inventory in Jita, in a ship, anywhere… not only that, but I can’t even manually stack items… I’d rather not create 10 market orders for a single item I’m trying to sell quantity 10 of… how do we fix this?

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