Allow us to save PI factory planets schematics

Template was the word I was looking for… thanks…

Yes would be very helpful if we could save, let’s say, 5 templates for each planet…

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I could go for this for sure. Maybe make it so you can share it as well.

I dont have close to 16 PI planets, and I’d find this useful as well. (Will have 5 soon, with 1 dedicated for factory production)

And a way to start/restart all extractors at time already set, instead of having to click every single extractor several times.


Both suggestions (PI templates and extractor mass restart button) are great and seconded!


Brilliant idea !

Wonderful Idea OP! I have 36+ PI planets.

Yes please. So much Yes.


#ccplease DO NOT DO THIS. this would make this way too f’ing easy, and right now, if you are making mining as hard as it is, there is no way i would want to accidentally screw all my planets up because i happened to swap templates by accident. not only that, i have 82 planets across 5 accounts. mass restart button? are you serious, let me explain how planetary works for you really quick.

a. planet hot spots move.

b. a factory setup is a factory setup, make multiple setups on multiple planets, otherwise, you are doing it wrong. when you have a factory setup in real life, which obviously you haven’t worked in one, going from glass bottles to metal beer cans lets say, you can’t just swap out templates, you literally have to take out the time to change things. this is the time you take in game to go through and reroute everything. if you want to change something that’s already easy in a way it shouldn’t be, maybe you should invent something in real life that can do something as quickly and simply as what you are suggesting. it just doesn’t happen like that. even in this game, that would cause things like having titans in high sec related problems with market stability and costs of planetary products.

c. stop being lazy about passive isk. seriously, once i setup my 82 planets on 5 accounts, i leave it, when i have to go through and “roll” my planets to all the different exractors and reset the heads to go to the better spots, it takes time, and effort, so it should be like that, just like mining roids. but no, you want it easy, free, and super simple so you dont have to do anything.

d. you are making so much isk off of it, even in high sec, if you are doing it right, that asking for any of the above is literally worse than giving you free sp for just logging in, oh wait, they just did that, and you probably complained didn’t you? grrrrrrr

okay, you guys wanna rant about templates, i’m going to rant and tell you how bad of an idea this is, just to make you realize how messed up that would make things, first, null sec, they make so much off of just a couple planets it’s a joke, second, if you were to give them the ability to do it even quicker and easier, ALL OF NULL SEC WOULD DO IT, and if you think its hard to get into null now, and break up the huge power blocks, you don’t want to see what they could do then, especially after being able to build so many fortizars and keepstars, that literally every system in null would be populated with those in numerous amounts on unprecidented scales. if you think pushing people out of a high sec system is hard now, or that the prices of some of the pi are too low, wait until almost every one is doing it, your profits would become so bad you would stop doing it.

no. DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT, take that any further or make it ANY easier than it already is.

not because i don’t want competition. no, i do, i like it, but i like being able to sell my stuff on quick orders to people, and they being able to make a profit off of me too, and im still making money selling it at what you consider a huge loss.

i have made videos, very good ones, on youtube recently, to explain how to setup a full advanced setup, milking toons, and everything, probably will have to make some more. but this idea here, it’s not even funny. please stop.

Do you mean 5 templates per planet type (so 5 for an Ice, 5 for a Barren, etc)? As that sounds a little excessive (though I don’t PI so have no idea as to how many possible combos there are). I’d of thought 5 total?

Possibly ‘template slots’ per corp or alliance? Or were you referring to sharing between individuals?

< snip >

How is this how PI works? Also not sure how you expect people to not be lazy when its passive income?

Yes, yes you did rant, but I don’t see where you explain how bad of an idea this is?

You mention

Which I think might make CCP happy, to see everyone in null sec participating in a (not recent) addition to the game, so that sounds like a positive.

I also notice that you explicitly state this is not about fear of competition, but unfortunately that is exactly how it reads.

Can we get a link, please? I don’t currently PI, but if there are good videos I might start :slight_smile:


Yes! Take the carpal tunnel out of PI!

seriously, you ask for a link after talking ■■■■, must be the internetz, talk smack about someone and then ask for a link because you want to either learn or you want to destroy his sandcastle… lolz

since clearly you didn’t understand me after explaining about 12 different ways, and now you ask for videos, okay, maybe a visual aid will help, lots and lots of intel there, please come shoot me now since i was dumb asf enough to give it to you. i mean, i’ld take a few iskies for making the videos, or even host training classes too, but, this is eve, obviously you wanna kill me, here then, kill me:

If you choose the wrong template by mistake it could screw things up? Welcome to Eve, please remember to press the right button. Or you’ll die.

Botting mining fleets out there have removed the mining from, y’know, mining and you’re worried about making PI too easy by removing 10 minutes worth of clicks. Dude, chill.

Hot spots do move, you’re correct. No one said anything about that though. Simply move the heads like we all do now and click a nice big GO button instead of several. Again, just removing a few clicks which wad something CCP acknowledged was an issue when they revamped PI not too long ago.

You’re worried that this wouldn’t be like a real life factory using a current day level of technology. You’re playing a game where you’re flying a spaceship tens of thousands of years in the future. There’s a clue as to where you’ve gone wrong there.

And you accuse others of wanting too much isk for free? You have how many planets again? I have 6, they make me some passive isk and i’m happy. You have 82 planets. Are you maybe worried that once all your clicks are removed you might have to undock to play the game?

You may want to stop selling stuff at what mete mortals like us would consider a “huge loss” though. Because that’s really dumb.

And the bit about how people would complain about free skill points, just unrelated hyperbolic nonsense.

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Please CCP do not touch PI. This is the most stable and balanced part of the game for many years. The last change decreased the click numbers enough, make it easier is not necessary. Now there is a good balance between amount of time you have to spend with the planets, and the ISK you get for the materials.

I just want a simple way to split stacks of materials. Right click - split 4000

That and the ability to center on a location other than the default.

Setting up PI is the most time consuming but after you are done it’s not a big deal even if you adjust it.

This would make it much easier to setup production lines.
Best Idea ever for PI

Probably good to post it in the Little things / Small QoL suggestions section.

Yeah I should do that. I have a feeling it’s not “little” though.

You’re another one of those forum troll alts that only posts to shoot down good ideas, aren’t you.

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