Planetary development Suggestions

3 Different suggestions for Planetary development with illustrations

  1. Ability to save templates of structure set ups in PI to load and save set ups from former planets to new ones
  2. Some way to correct data which is shown at extractor unit ‘actual’ output
  3. Load and save Harvest clusters or default in game harvest [clusters] which scales with time set up.

1. Ability to save templates of structure set ups in PI to load and save set ups from former planets to new ones


2. Some way to correct data which is shown at extractor unit ‘actual’ output Before and after ‘Install program’

3. -{Load}- and save Harvest [clusters] or default in game harvest clusters which scales with time set up.

Also for people who do not understand around here, I’m not here demanding this from ccp, I’m just giving my suggestions and they do whatever they want with it, I’m not explicit expecting this to happen.
So if you want to write a whole wall of text why this or that is not possible, it’s not necessarily, so please save yourself all the effort :bug:

Feel free to share your opinion if you want to tho :family_man_woman_boy:



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Considering all your alts replied on your post, now would be the perfect time for this meme:

Your idea certainly is an improvement, but I feel if we’re going to fix it, we should actually fix it.

  1. Saving templates still means you have to make your templates. It reduces the painful process to a one-time deal. The linked idea reduces it to a no-time deal.

  2. The data inaccuracy is a result of your trained abilities - I don’t think it ever reaches 100% accuracy. It’s an intended flaw.

  3. Kind of the same as #1, a template, but if you just had one node with a slider for “intensity” along with duration, it would save many clicks.

Not anymore tho :smirk:

I understand it might got to do with that, but what is the purpose of it when you get the data anyway after you install the program without accepting the changes in [global] as is shown on the illustrations.
It comes up to unnecessary clicks and more etc imo

Every time you stop your job, all of the resources you were scheduled to extract are “gone” from the planet. If you move the extractors around after you’ve got the real data, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Good test, start and stop a job 50 times. You should be able to watch the resources evaporate. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. 70% sure.

It only happens when you accept changes in PI, you can set up a whole industrial setup in PI and cancel it at the last moment without losing any $$.
Install program also requires to accept changes in PI, thus you’re not wasting any rescources yet, beside a lot of extra clicking all is fine.
For example what requires to accept changes in PI first is planning your extractor.
You can’t put a extractor and place the pins at the same time, you first have to pay the 40k to set it up and what more, and than you can work with the pins in planning mode, getting the before [install program] and after [install program] results

I’m of a mind that if you want to invest the extra time min-maxing, dragging those pins around, you deserve the extra resources.

“Some” degree of min-maxing should be possible, and I’d argue that this is by far the least cancer-inducing way to do it.

fellow pi enthusiasts asa much as i liked pvp pi has always had an appeal for me
it has become a clickstream
that is needlessly complicated and detrimental to players with disabilities i now play one handed meaning i cannot keyboard +click a common language of computer use
ccp should consider an approach that is disabled friendly it has a lot going for it to be a leader in this segment

ive found no way to participate in pi i play mostly with my mouse typing with the same hand means alternating to the keyboard on my lap

drone commands from the keyboard when i can let go of the mouse
making eve more accessible should be benificial to the community as a whole people with handicaps enjoy having fun like everyone
it is a challenge worth looking at
please consider innovating in this arena
youve broken ground in so many ways put another stripe on the tiger

thank you.
feel free to contact me ccp


There’s nothing harder than trying to line up circles in symmetrical patterns because they have no ****ing edges. Pi is tight on fitting sometimes and I’ve had planets go over by 1-2 pg simply because it’s so hard to line them up perfectly where you have every circle as close as the game will allow while maintaining a pattern of circles that gives each equal space.

Get rid of the circles
Make them hexagons
Add a toggle for snapping

100% improvement right there.


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