Compress from ore/cargo hold while in structure

it sure would be nice to compress ore directly from ore/cargo hold just like being able to reprocess ore in stations directly from the ship instead of being forced to first open inventory, put the ore into station inventory, then compressing, then close inventory again.

Sure would be nice if there were ships that could already do that.

I think you misunderstood the Op.
They aren’t asking for in space compression.
They are asking to be able to do it in an appropriate structure while docked without having to drag it around into station inventory.

This should really be in this thread instead:

I personally think it’s just an unimportant annoyance (at best) and isn’t needed. There are already a ship with this sort of feature, Rorqual. Now I don’t know what sort of ship you’re using to mine with but maybe you could possibly upgrade to a bigger ship?

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did an ISD really just say screw everyone because they didnt buy a multi billion ship

guess its time for all the hisec newbies to break out one of their hisec rorquals so they can compress ore in structures, excellent point.

now take your few seconds of “minor annoyance”, then multiply it by number of docks per day, then multiply it by numbers of users online, then you have the real cost in man hours by not having this.

I said nothing of the sort.

If you can provide data only pertaining to ships docking to unload their ore. It certainly is not as simple as you make it out to but nor is it as invasive as you think; as alpha you can only use Venture to mine with and yes that would involve a fair bit of docking/undocking; omega has more options when it comes to ships some of which has a considerably larger ore/cargohold and thus needs to dock (unload) less frequent.


I often compress in structures that are not my main storage structure because I can fit a number of compressed loads in the standard cargo hold. Which reduces travel time.
I doubt I am the only one who does this.

The OP is asking for a reasonable thing here, while yes, it is a small thing that suits the small thing thread, it is nothing to do with Rorquals.

from a technical standpoint, anything in your ships cargo/ore hold is not in the station…

and yet you can still reprocess it

updated title clarity for people that hate reading past title

Why dock at all instead of just using the cargo deposit from outside to drop it off?

There’s no need to compress the ore until you’re ready to move it.

I see your point, but it’s hard to describe how insignificant this is.

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