Why are the current SP/hr that are training not visible in game?

Why are the current SP/hr that are training not visible in game. Why must I go to 3rd party software to see this. They should be visible in the character attributes or skill queue.

Some f4ck up happen i guess. This game U.I and information providing is something left to be desired.

It’s a trivial calculation and the number isn’t particularly useful.

Each skill has 2 attributes primary and secondary. Mouse over the categories on the skills tab of the character sheet to see what they are.

Look at your attributes on the character tab of the character sheet. Let’s say you have a balanced map with standard (+4) implants and no active booster. 4 of your attributes will have 24 points and 1 (usually charisma) will be 23 points.

For an engineering skill that uses Intelligence and Memory you take the primary attribute (24 points) + half the secondary attribute (12 points) = 36 skill points per minute or 2160 sp/hour.

A standard +10 event booster will add 10+5 = 15 sp/minute or 900 SP/hour

Divide by 2 for Alpha.

Most people want to know how long it will take to train their current skill rather than how many skill points they are training per hour.

If you want it added make a request in the “little things” thread.

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Well some do want to see it… I don’t want to have to do the math, for all my different alts, every time I change training to a skill with different attributes or a different clone with other implants.

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