Skill queue questions

Which is the right number? One says 9 days, the other says 12. I’m just curious, and while we’re at it, can you post some SS of how to find how much SP a certain skill requires?

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That number is in the tooltip of the skill in the skill browser, along with SP/m and total training time for the current queue position.

They’re two different calculations with different assumptions and both could be correct.

The first picture shows a simple calculation: how fast would you train this amount of skill points with your current (boosted) attributes.

The second picture of the skill queue is smarter than that, it takes into account the duration of temporary attribute boosters like cerebral accelerators. It knows that somewhere during those 9d 9h you lose your attribute booster and have to train the rest of it at a lower rate, explaining the 12d 20h total duration.

Now if your intention is to chain multiple cerebral accelerators of the same type, and activate the next immediately after this one runs out, the first picture is the right number.

If you aren’t planning on adding another attribute booster after this one has ran out, the second number is accurate.

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