Hi, is there a way to make multicontracts?
I mean when you have to contract hundreds of ship of same type to alliance.
Or is it a nice to have feature, that will never be in the game?

No, unfortunately there is no such feature.

am i the first person who is asking ?
or were discussion in past?

No, it’s been mentioned a few times before. I do believe it’s among the many QoL suggestions in the thread here.

You can contract multiple items to the same person/corp in one contract, what’s the problem?

did you ever supplied an allinace with fitted ships?

To an Alliance? Is that an entity you can deliver to? I just got stuff to the corp.
Fitted Ships via contract? I thought you only can contract packaged items. For fitted ships I use “item exchange”.
So is there any trick?

when you have a ready fitted ship, for example 200 Machariels, normaly you make for each an contract to your allaince, so if they need, the players go to contract and pick the ready fitted ship and fly. but the problem… you have to create for every ship a contract, because each player buy one ship…

Ah, open contracts available to Alliance members. Hmm, never tried fitted ships there.
So this would be according to sell orders, when the buyer freely can chose an amount. That’s kinda deep…

What he want is an easy way to create multiple identical contracts (to Corp/Alliance) and only having type in the fields one time, as opposed to how it currently works where you will have to create each individual contract and fill in all the fields every single time.

you could think of it same way as Multi-buy or Multi-fit.

So we need SAP for EVE? :wink:

This exists already… albeit not as handy as multi buy

Once you have done the contract, click the horizontal lines in the bottom left and choose copy contract, as long as it is the same ship and fitting syou can copy up to how many contract slots you have


GIddy… you made my day!
this a great help!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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